31 Days of HIS gifts............days 8 & 9

6:59 AM

 Well it seems I am having a hard time getting to this spot every day but every other day is pretty good! I have been taking lots of photos every day but the time to get here and upload them is not always easy to find. The beginning of the week found most of the kids and even Brian sniffling and coughing.....it looks like a seasonal cold is going to be making the rounds this week....

Good health.....after a week of resting a sore knee this run was just what my soul needed....although my knee is still protesting and I am praying for total healing....
comfort food.......coffee cake in a mug in 5 minutes!?!?! What a gift!
what a gift this silly little puppy is......he keeps us giggling!
a finished project.......and the joy of starting another!!

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  1. I am in love with your pup! What a cute face and he looks so loving. Glad your knee feels better, don't over do it.


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