31 days of HIS gifts..days 3 & 4

7:16 PM

Well I got the yarn along post up yesterday but was not able to get back to get my gifts post up....Weds. is co-op day and then we also brought home a new addition to our family....(totally unplanned) but it's all good.....

here is the new addition....Daddy named him Loki after the Norse god that delights in upsetting the balance of the universe....

it's good to have a napping buddy!

so grateful for baskets of clean clothes......and lots of hands to help with folding!

chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.....yummy!

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  1. Congrats on your newest addition, she looks sweet!!

  2. That puppy looks so sweet! And those muffins...yum!!

  3. Aww, your new puppy is so cute! I had to giggle at the meaning of your husband's name choice - I'm quite sure a puppy would upset the balance of my universe right now! Lol :-) But they are so much fun and so sweet to snuggle and play with - have fun with your new addition!


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