Invest in things unseen

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Books cover the couch, the kitchen table, the counters....math, phonics and writing....legos ah! yes the legos....the carpet is covered...I can never conquer the legos! Lunch dishes in the sink waiting and it is already time to get dinner going...

The mess is never ending....always returning and I struggle to make this life balance. My mom's house was always spotless....yes she only had 3 children and we left to go to school 7 are always here always learning always creating...growing!

But the seen things can sometimes overpower the unseen. The mess that is staring at me can talk of the learning and growing that happened here today or of the books that were not put in their place and the paper that is left out another mess to pick up. How I view it makes all the difference.

Ann has a wonderful post up at her site and she says

I water this grove of children. The water pours and think how I want a crumbless, smudgeless, spotless house, a house with empty laundry baskets, empty sinks, empty garbage cans, with floors like mirrors and mirrors like water, and a pantry lined neat like books in the study and pies lining the counter like sweet children all in a row. I want the (seeming) perfection all day that only happens at night when the whirl slows to a still and the six children sleep, their books and their legos, their papers and their creations, all finding their resting places too. I want a father-in-law who walks in mid-spin and sees what I have done with a day, with a week, and smiles his satisfaction.

I want things seen.

These can be idols.

Yes these things can be idols....clean houses and mannerly children....

 How do I forget that I actually exist more, fully, wholly, when I do that which I was made for? Worship. Communion. Prayer, hidden and intangible, it is the day’s true product, it’s ultimate purpose.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

~ 2 Cor. 4:18

Daily I must remind myself.....the unseen is what is most important! The process of life here is messy and ditry and gets out of control sometimes...but we are growing and learning and striving to become more like Him and that unseen stuff is THE MOST IMPORTANT!!

So I am happy in this mess and we take time to gather in the mess and pray to the one that covers our messes.... forgives our messes....the only one that can bring balance......the only one that matters. And we are investing in unseen things...that will last forever!

Please go and read Ann's post on prayer this week..... Walk with Him Wednesday

(picture from this past week of Caleb praying....just last week he began asking to open during our prayer time, his prayers have touched all our hearts this week...precious!)
smaller one

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  1. So appreciate this as sometimes the messiness of life is so hard to take. Especially when the laundry baskets are beyond overflowing and the kitchen table is hidden by all the books, clutter, etc. Very timely reminder for me today. Thank you


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