What does it mean to abide?

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I am the vine you are the branches,
He who abides in Me and I in him
bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.
John 15:5

Life is busy....so busy sometimes that it's hard to keep up. Life is never slow around this home and yet I am called to abide......I am called to abide in Him because I can do nothing without Him....NOTHING....

And so I seek to abide. I seek to live my life as a prayer to God. An unceasing prayer, moment by moment....in between the laundry and the reading and the cooking....a constant communication with God.

I've found it's about the dwelling, learning to wait, learning to watch, learning to listen for what God is doing.

Being completely available to how God would work through me.......so that I might bear fruit. 

Abiding allows me to be an opening for God to work through.....if I'm not available that opening is closed. By abiding I can be a port for God's grace to flow through.

Abiding is a lifestyle......moment by moment allowing God to touch us and touch others around us.

Abiding is resting in Gods love.  He is already abiding in me....always....I must make a conscious decision to abide in Him and rest in His love.

So amidst the chaos of life I cling to that one thing which secures me and I abide in Him. I cry out to Him in the early morning and I turn to Him over the dishes and I whisper to Him as we read and my heart over flows with Him in the night. And I try to make my life a constant prayer to him so that I may be that port through which He can flow into the lives of those around me and into mine... so I might bear fruit.

Lord, teach me to be still, to dwell, to abide in You daily......moment by moment.

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