Caught up and on a roll!!

8:27 AM

Well I have been busy catching up with my Christmas journal entries the last few days. Day 8 is 3 pages long ....the prompt was on capturing Christmas in photos around your house but also about journaling on something that is different this year. So I did both!

Day 9 was more on your families traditions....

day 10 was on gift wrap and bows and such....

I was really happy with how day 11 came out. This one is all about our Christmas tree. I amde a flap for the pictures of us getting the tree and when you open it there is an enlarged pic of the tree and my journaling of the event.

day 13 is about the music I like....

day 14 is about presents... not what kinds but the traditions we keep in our family...when do you open them and that sort of thing

day 15 ....who will we see at's all about the visitors!!
day 16 is what I am grateful for this Christmas

Day 17 is about the perfect gift.....I copied a Christmas letter posted on Ann Voscamps blog
it is about the perfect gift that Jesus gives here to read it. It is the greatest gift of all!!

I plan on getting the last 2 days entries done later today.....we are awaiting a huge snow storm that is supposed to dump up to 12 inches of snow on us I should have lots of time to scrap!!

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