Snowed in!!

5:07 PM

I took these pics last night!! This morning we woke up to about 15 inches on the ground and we are supposed to get more tomorrow! The kids have been sledding all day and I have been busy inside cooking and scrapping!! Stew is in the crock pot and the rolls are in the oven...the house smells sooo good!
Caleb was so funny..this is his first year where he can really go out and play with the others and he is loving it!!
The only bad part about snow is the shoveling.....but we all pitched in and got it done. Time to go get dinner on the table....I am thanking God today for the beautiful view from my front window into the woods....(I wanted to share a pic but it's getting too dark to take one) I will share my view tomorrow!!
God bless!

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