Day 4 and 5 of Journal Your Christmas

10:11 AM

Day 4 was about your perfect is my journaling

My perfect Christmas would not be about the presents or decorations but about the people and the place. My husband and all my children gathered in our living room…..the warmth of the woodstove…the glow of the tree lights. There would be giggling and sipping of hot cocoa..the reading of the Christmas story..of a babe born in a manger. Our hearts quickening at the thought of that day so long ago. God touching us in a way that shows His perfect love…. His perfect peace flowing over us. A feeling of awe at his mercy. Thankfulness that our family knows His love so very well….

Day 5 was about how you count down to the day....we have always done an advent study...the last few years we used the Jesse Tree...and studied the lineage of Christ. When I found out that Jothams Journey was back in print (it was out of print for quite some time) I snagged myself a copy and we have really been enjoying this advent book. I highly recommend it......there are 2 sequels to it as well and they will be back in print next year.

my journaling reads

Every year we prepare our hearts and our minds as we await the birth of Jesus. This year we are reading Jothams Journey and following a young boy that lived at the time Jesus was born. The story has captured all of us. We have an advent wreath and each night the children take turns lighting the candle and then we read. Scripture is brought to life and we prepare for His coming.

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