File folder fun and a review!

10:40 AM

We love file folder games! There are loads of places online to find ideas and directions for games that you make and keep in a file folder. My children have used the ones we have made for years and they hold up really well. They are great for making learning fun! And cost is a minimum!

Shanna Clark over at Intergritas Academy is offering a new selection of file folder games that she has made! I was lucky enough to get a couple to download and try out so I could write a reivew.

I already had the file folders. So all I did was print out the downloads that she sent to me, cut them out and then I laminated them. I always laminate mine for extra duability! I also put library pockets on the back to hold the game pieces, you could also use a ziploc baggie.

The games we made are the Don't be late game, matching the digital time with the clock. Name that state game for looking at the picture of the state and naming it and also the option to name the capitol as well. And a letter matching game for matching the upper and lowercase letters.

So, as soon as they were made the kids were grabbing them to play with. My 5 year old was especially enjoying the letter match game!

One great thing about these games is that they can be done independently with minimal help from you! The layout and colors of the games are great! And they seem to be a big hit over here. So if you are interested in a way to get some fast and easy file folder games onto your shelf go check out Integritas Academy. If you sign up for the email list you get a free file folder game!


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  1. Thank you SO much for reviewing our games! I'm glad you enjoyed them and love seeing your daughter playing Letter Match!!

  2. Oh, forgive me! I only got a quick look at the picture before I commented...I'm guessing this is your little guy. Sorry!


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