Work Boxes part 2 and free downloads

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I took some pictures of my file crate system and what the folders look like. I think this will really help in having a place to put things I find that I want to have the kids do....ideas, websites, links. Filed trips and that type of stuff now have a home! My lesson plans for that week will also be in here and any copying that I need to do for the kids.

And these pictures show my four boys workboxes. Like I said we are making this work for our family and after reading Sue Patricks book and browsing many blogs of people using the system this is what I think will work best for us. I bought the carts at Staples. They do have wheels but I did not put them on so they could slide under a table easily. They each have 6 drawers which will be more than enough for us.
The idea behind the system is the child can work independently as all of his assignments are laid out for him in the drawers. If it is something I need to help them with the drawer will have a card showing that they need Mom. When their drawers are empty and all the numbers are on their schedule strip they are done.
I think having a big family makes kids become independent learners earlier anyway but this will help me to be more organized and make sure each child does not have to wait for me if I am working with another sibling.
My 3 older boys wanted star wars themed boxes and my youngest wanted in on the fun too and so his boxes are Thomas the tank Engine. My youngest will have his drawers filled with the preschool activities bags we have filled. These are a great thing to have and so easy to put together. All my boys have enjoyed them.
I would love to share my workbox numbers with you and so you can download them at the links. I made them from a site called and it is strictly a not for profit site. You will need to download and unzip these to your computer.

Schedule Strip download no picture just 3 strips of boxes that the numbers fit in. I cut these and hang them on a ring

All the boys wanted different characters so that resulted in 3 different number sets!

Star Wars Numbers download

Star Wars Numbers download

Star Wars Numbers download

Thomas the Tank Engine Numbers download

Next I will be working on my older girls and their system. They will be using file folders and tabs instead of these drawers. Hope that I explained that well if you have any question please leave a comment!

Be Blessed!!

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  1. Looks great! And sooo organized! Can you tell me where you got those 6 drawer bins?

    Thanks, Susan

  2. I love the Thomas the Train. I have been using the workboxes with my older boys, but was planning on starting my 2 year old this fall. He would love these!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing the Star Wars numbers. I have three boys that love Star Wars and will enjoy these.

    Nice blog too.


  4. This looks GREAT. I really needed to see some tips regarding organizing for homeschool as I prepare!

  5. Thanks for sharing, my son loves these numbers!

  6. Thanks Susan the carts were bought at Staples. I believe they were $29.99


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