How should we then live?

7:00 PM

We need to be Jesus! And following His 2 most important commandments....Love one another and love your neighbor as yourself...

Kelly over at Generation Cedar posted a very thought provoking piece on her blog today.....

"I have been thinking of some fundamental truths to the Christian life. Truths that are being squelched. Truths that need to be resurrected and relived among believers. Truths that would turn this world upside down for Jesus if we could get it. At least that’s my opinion ;-)

To draw people to God, we must be like Him. We must look like Him, talk like Him, act like Him and think like Him. Jesus did. He was “about His Father’s business” in every part of his life. So in order to accomplish that, we must know what God is like.

God is a God of order, beauty, grace, humility, faithfulness and creativity. How do those traits affect our living? Have we grossly underestimated the power of being “image-bearers” in our daily lives?"

Please visit Kellys blog Generation Cedar to read the rest of this.... and may we all reflect the image of our heavenly father to a world that so desperately needs it....

be blessed


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